Exceptional animal care

Eastside Veterinary Clinic specializes in small animal surgery and medicine.

Since 1983, our clinic has diagnosed and treated all types of dogs and cats. We perform many routine vaccinations, exams and procedures to keep your pet happy and healthy. It is our top priority to ensure that your pet is receiving the best care possible. 

Please make an appointment with us before bringing in your pet for non-emergency treatments, exams or procedures.

Keep your pet healthy

  • Routine pet vaccinations
  • Pet check-ups and health exams
  • Pet health screenings
  • Diagnostics for pet illnesses

The routine surgeries your pet needs

  • Pet spaying
  • Pet neutering
  • Routine pet procedures
  • Pet soft tissue and bone surgeries

Call today to schedule your pet's appointment - 812-254-1334

Appointments & Surgery - Washington, IN - Eastside Veterinary Clinic

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